How You Can Save More This Holiday Season.

The Holidays are all into the brink of our eyes but we all know that holidays means more spending. We all love money and would always want to save a couple dollars here and there… You have figured that there are thousands of ways to save money but ¬†think that you’ll have way too many […]

Windows and Mac Together

Why Windows is better than Mac OS.

One of the most debated topics in the technology world, has to be Windows vs Mac. I don’t know when this debate will be over or will be debated forever but the fact that I love Windows will never change. We ¬†all have that attachment to our first crush, similarly Windows is my first crush […]

The Benefits of Pinterest For Small Business

The Benefits of Having a Pinterest for Your Small Business

What is Pinterest? Launched about 3 years ago by Paul Scaiarin, Evan Sharp, and Ben Silbermann, Pinterest is a photo-sharing social website targeting all kinds of audience. Unlike other photo-sharing sites, Pinterest is unique, engaging and very easy to use. Judging by its name “Pinterest”, it is a pinboard style photo-sharing site.