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Top 5 Free Google Chrome Extensions

Top 5 Google Chrome Extensions

Apps for just smartphones wasn’t enough, so Google introduced Chrome Web store for Google Chrome. You can find Hundreds of apps in the store, which you can use online or some even offline. Apps aren’t the only things found in the Chrome Web store, you can find many extensions in it. In this posts I […]

evolution of google chrome

The Evolution Of Google Chrome

What is Google Chrome? Google chrome is a free internet web-browser developed by Google. It was first released as a beta version on September 2, 2008 and was later released to the public on December 11, 2008. Currently, Google Chrome is the most popular and most widely used web browser in the world.

Instagram 4.1

5 Reasons Why Instagram is Better than Vine

Instagram is just better, isn’t it ? While, most of you agree, some people just completely disagree with me. I have not forgotten the inbetweeners though, who are confused about which service is more compelling. All of your doubts about instagram will be cleared… Through above sentences I have promised that I will clear all […]