Instagram 4.1

5 Reasons Why Instagram is Better than Vine

Instagram is just better, isn’t it ? While, most of you agree, some people just completely disagree with me. I have not forgotten the inbetweeners though, who are confused about which service is more compelling. All of your doubts about instagram will be cleared… Through above sentences I have promised that I will clear all […]

Benefits of a facebook account.

Benefits of Having a Facebook Account

Some people hesitate to use Facebook. They try to avoid Facebook because of negative stories they might have heard or concerns about privacy. Aside of some problems, there are many Benefits of Having a Facebook Account  as many people have found.

The Benefits of Pinterest For Small Business

The Benefits of Having a Pinterest for Your Small Business

What is Pinterest? Launched about 3 years ago by Paul Scaiarin, Evan Sharp, and Ben Silbermann, Pinterest is a photo-sharing social website targeting all kinds of audience. Unlike other photo-sharing sites, Pinterest is unique, engaging and very easy to use. Judging by its name “Pinterest”, it is a pinboard style photo-sharing site.